Saison Le Boeuf


Beer Details

Style: Saison
Batch Size: 12 gallons
Target OG: 1.078
Target FG: 1.010
Mash Temp: 148


  • 24lbs American 2-Row
  • 6lbs White Wheat
  • 6lbs Flaked Corn
  • 1lb 20L Malt


  • 2 Ounce Hallertauer Hersbrucker (60 minutes)
  • 2 Ounce Simcoe (20 minutes)
  • 2 Ounce Amarillo (flame out)


  • White Labs WLP568 Belgian Saison

So now that temps are hitting 80-90 with HIGH humidity its about time to start brewing Saisons.  Saison which is a french/belgian farmhouse ale  is a high temperature fermenting beer so summer is a perfect time to brew a saison if you don’t have a way to control your fermentation temps like me! I try to brew with the seasons.

This beer should have a nice Belgian spicy nose, lightly hopped and high on ABV around 8.7, which is a little high for this beer style but who doesn’t like fun?  I hit perfect temps at 148 so we should have a light body mouth feel and fermentation temps were steady in the lower 80s which works great for this yeast blend. I did have an extra long mash time which lasted about 90 minutes because I forgot to put my sparge water on, burgers were more important at the moment.

20140706_150220 (Medium)